Fort Worth Sprinkler Repair By Southern Select

In Fort Worth a lush green lawn is like rolling out a regal green carpet on your Texas Dream Home.  Having a healthy and thriving lawn will make you feel invigorated. The smell of BBQ being grilled on a Saturday afternoon is the only thing that can rival the smell of a freshly cut healthy lawn. Proper irrigation will make neighbors green with envy as you are walking  barefoot on the lawn just to get that gentle massage from the silky smooth grass. You'll find your kids giving up their iPads and spending more time playing in the yard, practically bouncing off the fertile lands and lush greens.  But sadly, if your sprinkler system isn’t making it rain the way it should, your lawn will suffer and your pride will be destroyed. As a Texan if you need your sprinkler system repaired, then you need us.


Green is more than just a color, it represents a lot of things. Green is the color of life, green means nature, it signifies intelligence. Green is associated with fertility, safety, growth, it's fresh, it brings harmony, and Green showcases a healthy environment. It only makes sense that Green is also associated with wealth and money. As you can tell, having a Green, healthy lawn is important to us, and it should be important to you. That's why a Sprinkler System is so essential! Sprinkler Repairs and maintenance are vital for not only your home, and the environment, but your own well being as a Texan. We want to help you keep a green, shiny and lush lawn.



If you live in Fort Worth, Saginaw, Keller, Azle, Hurst, Euless, Bedford or all surrounding areas and your irrigation system needs sprinklers that work, you want the right sprinkler repair technicians. Our employees at Southern Select Sprinkler Repair have years of experience and are extremely knowledgeable about all the sprinkler repair systems available in North Texas. When you need a sprinkler repair or new system installed then you have come to right place. When you call Southern Select to come to your property to do a sprinkler/irrigation repair we bring all the necessary equipment stock on our trucks and get to work right away. Our hourly costs are fair and beat our main competition. We prorate by the minute while other companies charge in 15-30 minute increments. Our technicians are licensed and our service is top notch. With our repair technicians your sprinkler will be back and up and running in no time. They say you can lead a horse to water but you cant make 'em drink. Luckily, your lawn isn't a horse and we will ensure it's well hydrated.