Complete System Diagnosis

When's the last time you've had your sprinkler system evaluated? Let us do a full system evaluation to give you peace of mind during the spring and summer months.

Our Licensed Irrigation Technician Is Here For You

System Efficiency Diagnosis

During your sprinkler system inspection, Southern Select will take the time to review all system elements and diagnose the overall function and efficiency. After a complete on-site evaluation, you will receive a full report of the problems. We will also provide you with repair options and present prices for your convenience. We strive to be 100% transparent and present you with an honest solution to your lawn's watering needs.

Common Issues found during our evaluations include:

  • Dry or Wet Spots which require special attention
  • Controller Failure
  • Leaks in sprinkler lines
  • Sprinkler Head Misalignment
  • System or Zone Failures
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Damaged Wiring

We often find that you could be wasting money and paying much more than what is necessary to properly maintain your home's yard and landscaping. We will find you an affordable solution to get your sprinkler system working at peak efficiency.