Sprinkler System Reroutes & Reconfiguration

Making additions to your home, or changes to your landscaping often requires your irrigation system to be modified or rerouted. Proper watering is a necessity to Fort Worth homeowners. A effective sprinkler system will ensure a beautiful lawn. You can trust Southern Select Sprinkler to properly reroute and reconfigure your homes sprinkler system.


Why do you need a sprinkler reroute?

  • Installing a new swimming pool or pond
  • Major landscape redesign
  • Planting large trees
  • Outdoor living space additions, such as decks or covered patios
  • Installation or repairs of retaining walls
  • Major regrading or drainage additions
  • New fence installs
  • Addition of new flower beds or gardens will require additional zones
  • Modifying or adding new flatwork such as sidewalks and driveways
  • Backyard shed additions
  • Areas with poor grass growth may require additional heads