System Summerization

Get your sprinkler ready for the long hot Texas summer!

Summer Ready Sprinklers

Southern Summarization

In Texas, we have long hot summers, and as we know from the 2021 Freeze we can also have a week of extreme cold. Your sprinkler system and lawn need special attention throughout the changing seasons In order to thrive all year long. After winter your landscaping has special needs that require a system check and a process we call summerization. During the Summerization process, we will prepare your landscaping for extreme heat during these long summer months. We all know the notorious clay soils we have here in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area and the effect a dry summer has on your home’s foundation. We need to ensure all areas of your lawn, landscaping, and foundation are running efficiently and getting an adequate amount of water at the best times of the day.

In order to get your Lawn, Landscaping, And Foundation Summer Ready, We Will:

  • Reverse Winterization 
  • Turn on water and controller operations
  • Perform Full System Diagnosis
  • Test all of your system’s sensors
  • Adjust and repair heads for optimal watering
  • Program controller in order to conserve water and optimize for your summer watering needs
  • Analyze Problem areas
  • Present all opportunities for improvement to the client

You can trust Southern Select Sprinkler with your home’s system. Our professional licensed technician will give an honest assessment and work efficiently to save you money on repairs and on your water bill. Customers love our friendly technician and competitive prices. Give us a call and we will have your lawn looking better than ever.